DNT Informational Meetings

Keeping You Informed

Keeping You Informed is Important to Us

Community Meetings
Keeping the public informed about the DNT Improvement Projects has been one of NTTA’s highest priorities before and during construction. NTTA held four community meetings, more than a dozen meetings with businesses and numerous one-on-one meetings with representatives from large organizations and businesses along the corridor.

Invite us to your next event!
The NTTA team can meet with your civic club, homeowners association, tenants or company staff members. We can offer a brief presentation, answer your questions and provide handouts that you may share with others. Contact us at SpeakersBureau@NTTA.org.

Business Information Group (B.I.G.) Meetings

NTTA’s Business Information Group, or B.I.G., meetings are designed to keep business owners and managers current with progress on the various improvement projects. NTTA personnel and consultants, and sometimes representatives from our partners, provide brief presentations about the projects during the sessions.

The North Dallas/Addison Area B.I.G. met in May 2017 via virtual meeting. No date was set for the next B.I.G. meeting.

The DNT/PGBT Interchange and Legacy area B.I.G. groups met in August 2017. No date was set for the next B.I.G. meeting.